Figure Skating Seminar

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 Figure Skating Seminar

Welcome to the home page of The Ice Revolution Figure Skating Seminar. Our seminar teaches a superior way to approach teaching skaters and managing skating programs.

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The Mission of the Ice Revolution: is to fundamentally change the way skaters are trained in America, as well as to change the way skating programs are managed and directed, which will benefit everyone.

The Ice Revolution's goal: is to increase participation, interest, enthusiasm and the popularity of the sport of figure skating, which matches or exceeds levels of participation and interest in other sports and artistic pursuits like gymnastics, tennis, dance and martial arts.

The Ice Revolution's results: will be reduced expenses to parents,  greater revenues for clubs, greater participation and enthusiasm of skaters, better trained skaters, greater cooperation among coaches, a more cooperative skating club atmosphere, and increase in club membership and member longevity, and a more successful and satisfied skating body, who have more fun training and achieve greater success.

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